Throughout your probationary period you should be gathering evidence to prove you are meeting the Standard for Full Registration (SFR). Teacher Induction Scheme probationers employed in local authority schools should compile this information and submit it in an online profile.

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Waverley Care

Waverley Care

In2Teaching recently met with Nichola Frith, Children and Families Project Manager, and Alison Irving, Communications Co-ordinator, from Waverley Care to discuss the work they do supporting people living with HIV and Hepatitis C.

Top tip of the week

You can't hide under the duvet

Remember that hiding under the duvet and not wanting to go to school is something that will happen to you from time to time...


What a difference a year makes

green shoot

Julie Paul talks about how much she has changed in one year.


The Finest Festive Fir Christmas Tree Programme for Schools

Countryside Learning Scotland

Catherine Midgley, Education Manager at Countryside Learning Scotland, talks about the Finest Festive Fir Christmas Tree Programme for Schools, which runs in Dumfries and Galloway throughout December.

hints and tips

Get organised

Christmas Hints and Tips

As Christmas approaches there's always lots to do around school; from putting up your class Christmas decorations to organising the staff Christmas party. Why not take a look at our Christmas themed tips aimed at helping you plan your end of term strategy?


Christmas wishes

With Christmas around the corner, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing support of our In2Teaching website. Without the regular contributions from you all, the site wouldn't work as well as it does offering a range of information for student teachers, probationers and Early Phase teachers.

We hope that you will soon enjoy a relaxing holiday which allows you to switch off and recharge your batteries before the new term starts in January.