Throughout your probationary period you should be gathering evidence to prove you are meeting the Standard for Full Registration (SFR). Teacher Induction Scheme probationers employed in local authority schools should compile this information and submit it in an online profile.

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ChildLine Schools Service


Laura Godini and Morag Kerr of the NSPCC talk with In2Teaching about the ChildLine Schools Service and its work in primary schools across Scotland. The service uses specially trained volunteers to talk to primary school children about abuse, to give children the skills they need to protect themselves and to show them where to go for help. The service is currently making its way across Scotland and hopes to reach every primary school in Scotland once every two years by 2016/17.


FILMCLUB: engaging and inspiring young people

Teachers working hard to meet the requirements of Curriculum for Excellence will welcome the arrival of FILMCLUB. FILMCLUB is an education charity which provides free access to thousands of films and educational resources. The charity helps schools set up and run free film clubs to educate and inspire young people through watching, understanding and making film.


Increased support for delivery of new national qualifications

The Scottish Government recently put together a package of support worth £5 million to assist secondary school teachers in delivering the new national qualifications. The support package includes "route maps through assessment" for teachers, developed by Education Scotland in partnership with the SQA. These are essentially step-by-step guides designed to assist teachers in planning and delivering the overall vision for Curriculum for Excellence.


Is choice really a good thing?


Personalisation and choice is amongst the seven principles for curriculum design – the basis on which the curriculum should be designed. Our latest blog entry from probationer teacher Daniel Hamilton reflects on the benefits of this principle for pupils and teachers. While having the freedom to make choices is something we will always opt for (given the choice), Daniel questions just how much choice is a good thing.


Comfort words feel the pinch


We all have our little habits – certain words, phrases or mannerisms that we use all the time. And this is something that school pupils have a tendency to pick up on! In this blog entry, a past probationer talks about his catchphrase habit “Okay guys” and how he learnt to break it.

Top tip of the week

You definitely have a weird idiosyncracy

If you think you do not have a mannerism, then think again! Pupils will pick up on the arm waving, the fiddling with the watch, quiet humming or pen chewing . . .

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