Throughout your probationary period you should be gathering evidence to prove you are meeting the Standard for Full Registration (SFR). Teacher Induction Scheme probationers employed in local authority schools should compile this information and submit it in an online profile.

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Life beyond probation


Primary Teacher Nicola McGowan blogs about her experience of teaching beyond the probationary period. Nicola was employed on two temporary teaching contracts before securing a permanent post. Her permanent job, in contrast to her previous posts, was within a large primary school. However, Nicola felt her experiences teaching in small schools allowed her to gain confidence and skills that were invaluable in her permanent role.


Edinburgh International Book Festival

Education is at the heart of the Edinburgh International Book Festival, with the huge variety of events on offer providing an excellent opportunity for learning and development. The Baillie Gifford Schools Programme, which will run during August, offers events for pupils of all ages and professional learning and development opportunities for teachers.


Online safety video

Police Scotland is currently running a Stay Safe Online campaign to help children, parents, teachers and carers improve their understanding of online safety. As part of this campaign, Police Scotland commissioned a video starring pupils aged 13 to 16 from a number of high schools in Scotland. The video shows how they reacted when informed that their private online posts had been made public. It aims to raise awareness that you should only share online what you are happy with friends, family and others seeing.


Using Glow and ICT


Digital literacy, the effective and creative use of ICT, is key to developing the skills for learning, life and work needed by young people today. It’s therefore important that schools try to find new ways of using ICT so that it is at the heart of teaching and learning. Education Scotland provides resources for teachers to help them engage with Glow and ICT in order to support learning through digital media.


SQA Digital Passport

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) is developing a new vocational ICT course. The National Progression Award builds on the existing PC Passport qualification. It is aimed at giving pupils the sorts of 21st-century skills they need to succeed in an increasingly digital world. The award will cover topics such as e-safety, big data and social media. Its particular focus will be ‘digital citizenship’ and the role of digital technology today. The Digital Passport will soon begin a pilot phase and will be available for delivery from August 2015.